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Gujarat, Governance and the Media is not just about Gujarat. It is about all of us in the context of a professedly multi -cultural society which should conform to the constiutional legitimacy of social, democratic and secular republic. Citizenry has to get its act together and actively engage in the governance process if these precepts are to be substantiated by practice and not insidiously violated. The events in Gujarat also clearly leave no room for sitting on the fence. As Martin Luther King pointed out long ago, ” A time comes when silence is a betrayal.”

List of Previous Issues

  1. The World of NGOs – Charting a Sustainable Future
  2. Censorship and Freedom of Expression
  3. The World Of NGOs- Time to Look Within
  4. Telephone For All – Privileges or Basic Right?
  5. YOUNG TODAY -…what of tomorrow?
  6. Women and Communication: The Power to change
  7. India’s Indigenous People
  8. Family Ties: Bond or Bondage?
  9. The Consumer Awakening
  10. Understanding Human Rights.
  11. Exploring Sexuality – Breaking the Silence
  12. Growing Old in India
  13. Youth Today – Desperately Seeking Direction
  14. [email protected] – Hope or Hype
  15. Turbulent Times – Seeking Seeds of Hope
  16. Reclaiming Our Bodies
  17. India’s Population Problem – Myth or Reality
  18. The Changing Faces of Nationalism
  19. Changing with Radio
  20. Globalise or Perish
  21. India’s new Economic policy :Impact on the poor
  22. New Communication Technologies : Hopes and fears
  23. (Dis)abilities – Walking the Talk
  24. Media Legislation-just a bubble?
  25. Can IT work for all?
    26.Out f(law)ed: The writing on the wall
  26. Women in Journalism

INFOKIT- Knowing for Ourselves:

Priced at Rs.20, this collection of modules is designed as a tool for health workers to educate both men & women at the grassroot level, on reproductive health & contraceptive options. This attractively presented kit is written in simple language and contains informative diagrams, which make ‘Knowing for Ourselves’ possible.
Available in English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam languages.

The Children Speak

VOICES with the aid Plan International (India Chapter) produced the bilingual Namma Dhwani booklet. This book contains stories, radio scripts and poems written by the children of Budikote. It encapsulates the creativity of the children and their initiative and enthusiasm about community radio.

Narrowcasting : a tool for development communications

Priced at Rs 80, narrowcasing affords a viable option for development communications, as it is a simple, efficient and participative tool by which to ‘spread the message’ of, by and for communities.

To subscribe to VOICES for Change, or buy copies of the Infokit or order a copy of the booklet on Community Radio contact us at: [email protected]