Women in Media
Building networks of women journalists from regional to national

Valedictory session at the National Workshop of Women in Journalism, New Delhi. L-R: Iskra Paneveska, UNESCO; Margaret Gallaghar, Gender Expert; Kamla Mankekar, Veteran Journalist; Kalpana Sharma, Senior Journalist.

Networking for Change: FromJaipur to Shillong to New Delhi
Following the Bangalore workshop for women journalists in 2000, VOICES, in consultation with Ammu Joseph, facilitated regional workshops in Jaipur (April 2001) and Shillong (September 2001), and a National workshop at New Delhi (January 2002). The networking process took concrete shape at the Delhi workshop where over 100 women journalists from across the country came together to formulate a structure and articulate the objectives of the national network of women in journalism. The Network of Women in Media, India was formally launched at the workshop. (November 2000 – January 2002)

Pilot Survey of Women in Journalism

Designed by the Bangalore chapter of the Network of Women in Media (NWMB) and facilitated, collated and analysed by VOICES, the Pilot Survey of Women in Journalism provided valuable information on trends in the situation of women journalists in the media. The findings were presented at the national workshop.

(April 2001 – January 2002)

The Network of Women in Media